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25 May, 2023

A good collaboration with MAX Burgers

We are pleased to announce that we were honored to partner with MAX Burgers and deliver a construction sign for their latest restaurant project in Nykvarn. The restaurant will open before the summer and is located along the E20, south of Stockholm. It has been very appreciated from our side to be part of this project and to deliver according to MAX Burger’s vision. 

It all started with a request from MAX Burgers, who were looking for a reliable partner to create and install their construction sign. Our expertise goes back a long way and has made us a reliable player in the industry, and we immediately set about designing the construction sign according to MAX Burger’s vision and requirements.

“We are happy to use our extensive network of contacts and to tell you that we can also take on construction signage is an exciting opportunity. It strengthens our position as a overall supplier. We are pleased to offer our expertise and resources to ensure successful signage projects of different kinds.” Says Olof Viklund, CEO.


We have carefully followed MAX Burger’s requirements and concept to achieve the desired result. By following their guidelines and vision, we have created a building sign that best represents their identity. We have also prioritized safety, material quality and durability by carefully selecting high-quality materials for a long-lasting and reliable sign solution. We have also taken care of the sign permit application and the installation itself. During assembly, we have used safe and high-quality scaffolding for a stable and reliable installation.

“Our experienced team worked closely with MAX Burgers to carefully plan every detail. We took their wishes and needs into account, and now there is a prominent sign in Nykvarn that clearly represents MAX Burger’s brand and values.” – Andreas Forsfjäll, Development Manager.

We are proud of the end result when we see the construction sign at MAX Burger’s new establishment. It symbolizes our commitment to being a comprehensive supplier and at the same time offering high-quality products that help our customers be seen and stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our custom scaffolding and how we can help you make your next project a reality.


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