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12 December, 2023

A warm welcome to Zone Systems Hillevi!

This autumn, Zone Systems have expanded their sales team with Hillevi Sillanpää. She has worked in the sign industry for 20 years and will bring additional knowledge, experience and a great deal of drive to Zone Systems. During his time in the sign industry, Hillevi has worked both on the client side and on the customer side. She has experience in both print and signage and has led rebranding assignments for several chain customers as well as developed and established new advertising spaces.

– I am very happy that Hillevi has chosen to come along on Zone’s continued journey. Hillevi has extensive experience and knowledge of, among other things, exterior signs that will make an impression on the company and our customers. But above all, she comes in with a foundation of values and an attitude that is in line with what we at Zone Systems want to stand for. It feels like a really good match, says Olof Viklund CEO and co-owner of Zone Systems.

Hillevi has worked at JC Decaux, Ocean Outdoor, Elektrovakuum (now Systemtext) and most recently as a consultant. She lives and works from Stockholm in her sales position at Zone Systems.

– I will have a great time here and I hope to be able to contribute with positive energy and new customers, concludes Hillevi.

Get to know Hillevi a little more

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee, black and strong!
  • What do you have on your pizza? Scampi and garlic.
  • Do you have any nerdiness? I fold all the bed linen and towels and fold them in color order.
  • What are you looking at? The winter studio
  • What are you listening to? Oh, a lot apart from rap.
  • Most used app? Snapchat, to keep track of my teenagers.
  • What did you buy last time? Neoprene gloves – to wear now when I’m going to start winter swimming.
  • Tell us something that not many people know about you? That I skied the Vasaloppet ski competition five times.
  • What is important for you to enjoy your job? That there is a “we feeling” and an inspiring leadership that provides positive energy.
  • What do you prefer to do on Sundays? Exercising, basting and tinkering in the garden.
  • Best sign tip? – Think outside the box.
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