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1 July, 2024

Light up your advertising surfaces in urban environments

For a few years, Zone Systems has developed big lightboxes for public environments. The product is now sold on the market and can be adapted to the customer’s needs for message material. The last delivery went to Finland.

These large light boxes, or Citylights as we call them, are durable and can withstand both weather and wind as well as the impact of people and vehicles. They can also be used as menu boards in Drive Thru within the fast food segment.

Andreas Forsfjäll, development manager at Zone Systems, says:
– We have delivered hundreds of Citylights over the years and learned what is required for them to last a long time. Our latest model is adapted for different types of message materials, from backlit to paper and textiles. It is important to choose materials that make it easy to change messages, and we can customize our basic construction. We also inform about the CO2 emissions for each product, which makes us unique. We continuously invest in our production facility in Vadstena to be a stable and flexible partner.

– It feels good to manufacture these in our own production and show that we have a competitive product, says Göran Greus, Site and production Manager at Zone Systems. The last delivery was to a partner in Finland. The Citylights will illuminate the messages and offers going forward in a good way, even during the bright hours of the year.

Do you need a light box in public or challenging environments? Contact us at Zone Systems and we will help you.



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