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25 April, 2023

New custom made product! Check out our Walking Board

We want to present an item that we have tailored to our customer’s wishes. We are very happy that in a short time we managed to design, produce and deliver to the customer with such a successful result. Our news is called a Walking Board. A sign with printed communication – worn on the back.

Our client came to us and told us that they were in need of a product that would be worn on the back and convey one of their campaigns. They were about to launch a news that they started serving breakfast at their restaurant. For the launch, they wanted a message carrier that could be carried on the back and stand out to passers-by and potential customers. The product order imply that they would be few in number and it needed to be delivered in a short time.

“From the time the request came in until we sent our products with a courier, it took 4 weeks. Which can be considered very fast work when it meant producing a completely new product.” Says Olof Viklund, CEO.

The product development team produced two prototypes as proposals. One that was illuminated with an integrated battery pack and one that was unilluminated (and thus lighter in weight), which then also became the customer’s final choice.

Our development manager Andreas Forsfjäll tells us more about the product development.


“Our team gets very motivated on this type of special order and is immediately excited to find solutions and different options. We are specialists in all types of signage, so we have a very collective expertise on best practice. We know which weaknesses we have to take into account when developing a new product. The walking board is a very good example of this.”

The walking board has two surfaces for communication and they are of different sizes on the front and back. Our designer chose to use one of our narrower profiles to make it double-sided. But also to maintain stability and to make it lighter in weight.

“To come up with two tailor-made solutions in a short time says something about how fast we are, as we have our own production facility. We can produce small volumes of specialty items without any problems.” Andreas Forsfjäll.


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