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20 October, 2021

Andreas’ new co-owner of Zone Systems

Zone Systems continues to build its company as a professional partner for complete solutions in signs and visual communication. Andreas Forsfjäll Product and project manager at the company has been a new partner in the company since last summer.

– We are very happy to see Andreas expand his involvement in Zone Systems through his role as co-owner. Andreas is a dynamic and competent Product and Project Manager and Zone Systems has developed its offering since Andreas was hired by the company. We look forward to having Andreas on our continued growth journey “, says Lina Ådin, CEO of Treac AB and Chairman of the Board of Zone Systems.

Andreas has previous experience of running companies and has worked with several of Zone Systems’ customers in the interior design industry.
Today, Andreas is responsible for the company’s offering, product development and projects and has been involved in laying the foundation for the company’s investment in fixed signs.

– It feels very honoring and stimulating to have the chance to work long-term with Zone’s growth as a partner. I strongly believe in the company’s offering and the position we have taken in the market as a complete supplier of signs and visual communication. Our strategic investment in fixed signs has borne fruit and we have an exciting future ahead of us.

In addition to Andreas’ co-ownership, Olof Viklund, CEO and co-owners have also increased their holdings and Andreas and Olof now own 25% of the shares and the remaining 75% are owned by the investment company Treac AB.


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