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Fasadskylt Pincho Nation Randers Danmark
13 December, 2022

Pinchos signs an agreement with Zone Systems

In 2022, Pinchos has signed an agreement with Zone Systems as a supplier for facade signs, flag signs and other products and services. A large number of sign projects are planned to be delivered in Europe to future Pincho’s restaurants.

Pinchos says that they’ve needed change of their signage and how their brand is perceived, and Zone Systems has been involved from the idea stage and then on to the drawing board where Zone Systems delivered a few prototypes during the development work.

“We’re now done and dusted with an agreement, and we’re proud to have been trusted by Pinchos,” says Olof Viklund, CEO, Zone Systems. “The journey has only just begun, and we look forward to serving and delivering to Pinchos during their continued establishment journey. The fact that we also were trusted to be involved early in the process will contribute to the overall result and make the whole really good.” Continues Olof.

Sign prototype for Pinchos
One of the Pinchos sign prototypes produced

As previously mentioned, Zone Systems has been involved early in the design and construction work. With Pincho’s new visual identity, the lighting is more central and tone-setting than before, and this has meant that we have had to develop our professional know-how further and thus broaden our competence and offer.

“Zone Systems has committed people in its team and they have helped us in the process of developing a new visual identity with their knowledge, experience and together with a wonderful drive. It will be really fun to work with each other going forward.” Tells Pär Furstedt, project manager construction & establishment, Pinchos.

The collaboration with Pinchos has so far involved rollouts in both Norway and Denmark, and more rollouts will take place in the Swedish and European markets in 2023, starting in the first quarter.

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