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15 February, 2022

Preem signs 3-year agreement with Zone Systems

The complete supplier of signs and visual communication Zone Systems has won a procurement with Preem and signed a 3-year agreement that applies from 1 January 2022. The agreement includes, among other things, reviewing the signage and communication at their stations. The agreement also includes the delivery of sign products, sign messages and all associated services such as sign permit, assembly and project management continuously.

– We were looking for a partner who can partly advise on signage and communication at our stations and partly deliver new sign solutions. Zone Systems showed a thorough thinking about different sign solutions and how we best communicate at the station. It feels both safe and inspiring to work with Zone Systems in the future, says Helena Hammarström, Concept Manager at Preem.

Zone Systems’ project team, which includes a customer manager, project manager, AD / strategist and communicator, has begun work on analyzing the stations by reviewing existing signage, flows and, together with Preem, mapping the needs for communication in the future.

This will result in a concept / sign program with guidelines and suggestions for solutions on how Preem should think about, among other things, its communication signs and navigation signs. Where should they be located, what is their purpose, design, what type of communication should be on them and what type of sign is preferable depending on the communication and how often the message should be changed. This work and analysis is based on the Zone Marketing tool that Zone Systems has developed for many years. Zone Marketing helps to identify the different zones customers are around a place of purchase and the type of message needed in these zones.

– We are happy to be working on the collaboration with Preem. We are very humble and grateful for the trust Preem has shown us and it feels good to really be able to help with the whole from concept / sign program to delivery and use our knowledge and experience when it comes to running sign projects. We look forward to the continued journey together, concludes Maria Tedestedt, Key Account Manager at Zone Systems.

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