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12 December, 2023

Smart recycling: This is how Zone Systems reduces their climate footprint

An actor in the fast food industry is to redo the entrances at a couple of restaurants in central and southern Sweden. Then Zone Systems, together with its partner ROL Fredbergs, chooses to reuse existing signs and facade cladding.
– We continue our investment in sustainable development and are proud to be able to contribute with our expertise, says Olof Viklund, CEO at Zone Systems.

When the two restaurants are to be rebuilt, one option was to take down both the facade cladding and old signs and then throw away the material and produce new ones. But this time Zone Systems decided to work differently. – With our experience, knowledge and resources, we are happy to take on the role of project manager. From design, idea phase, consulting and product development to logistics and installation. In this job, we have been involved in the entire process and then came to the conclusion that it was better to work with reuse.

“Makes the whole process smoother”

Therefore, both signs and facade cladding have instead been modified and given a new freshness. Working with recycling has many advantages. In addition to a reduced climate footprint in production, when, for example, new signs do not need to be produced, CO2 emissions are also reduced due to reduced transport emissions. But the solution also means significantly faster delivery times and simpler construction processes.
– If we do not reuse the material, the entire facade cladding may need to be replaced. Now we only replace a part, which makes the whole process smoother, says Andreas Forsfjäll, development manager at Zone Systems.
In addition, the solution affects the aesthetic end result in a positive way.
– The signs and facade cladding are already in the same style as the buildings. When placing brand new products on older houses, it can be a challenge to make it look consistent and good.

A welcome suggestion

The client of the job is ROL Fredbergs, which delivers turnkey projects that include concept design, general contracting and production of shop furnishings. Their vision is to enable inspiring, integrated and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, they want to enable environments with a greater circular economy and a more sustainable use of resources. That Zone Systems has worked out a solution that rhymes with their philosophy is very welcome.
– We have strict requirements on how to work sustainably. Both internally but also from more and more customers. That a subcontractor like Zone Systems comes to us with new ideas is very positive. They help us live up to the requirements. In addition, we get a really good overall result here, says Rickard Fredberg, Head of Operations at ROL Fredbergs in Mariestad.

“A completely different way of thinking”

A prioritized development point in the company is precisely to make more use of recycled material.
– It is not always cheaper to reuse. But it’s a completely different mindset now. Both from us and our customers. Many are willing to pay more to get sustainable goods or processes.
Zone Systems has thought the same way about the reuse of the signs in the restaurants.
– The price will be about the same as if we had discarded the old ones and manufactured brand new ones. But there is so much else to win, says Olof Viklund.

 More examples: This is how Zone Systems works sustainably

1. Repairs of LED signs
Repairing products instead of throwing them away is good for the environment.

2. New materials in the products
For example, Zone Systems sometimes uses alternative materials instead of aluminium. Changing materials can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide during production by as much as 25 percent

3. Maintenance work of existing signs
Careful maintenance of the signs extends their lifespan.

4.Recycling of materials
Zone Systems recycles the aluminum in signs that are discarded.

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