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6 February, 2024

That’s why light boxes are so popular – check out what others have done

Visibility is a key factor for success. One of the most effective methods of getting attention are light boxes. Here are the benefits, what’s trending right now and how some customers have done it.

Zone Systems delivers large volumes of light boxes every year. Among the customers are for example companies such as MAX, Åhléns and Vagabond. And it is no wonder that the products have become so popular. There are lots of benefits of light boxes that will help you stand out from the competition.

–  For shops and restaurants, light boxes can be absolutely decisive, for example to attract the attention you need or create the atmosphere you are looking for, says Andreas Forsfjäll, development manager at Zone Systems.

Helping customers

He says that light boxes had a dip in popularity a few years ago, but that they are now hotter than ever. One reason is that there are now more areas of use for the product and that more companies have discovered the benefits. Today, you can customize light boxes just the way you want them.

– Every customer is unique and that is where we come into the picture with tailor-made solutions. We go out to the customer and give advice on where, how and when it is best to use light boxes. For example, it can be about where they should be placed, how they should be seen, what sizes they should have, what heights they should be placed at, but above all which LED equipment and type of material on the wick should be used to get such a good spread of light and experience in the specific environment as possible.

Trendy light boxes

Customers can basically wish for whatever they want. Light boxes can be adapted to all possible sizes, shapes, lighting, materials and depths. If you have a good imagination, there are really no limits. But most trendy is to use the light box as a premium product to build brand.

– Because they are so stylish and stand out, they are suitable for highlighting different things. This could, for example, be about showing off new products, temporary offers or showing how to find the right place in a shopping centre.

Something else that feels contemporary is using light boxes as an interior detail to create a more luxurious or warmer environment. Use them as a type of ceiling lighting or as a divider in your commercial environment. Or to add to other materials – now it is popular to cover the light boxes in wood.

– There have been a number of such orders in the past year alone. Textile graphics are also available in different environmental classes, which many appreciate.

Five benefits of lightboxes

Stands out from the crowd
One of the most obvious advantages of light boxes is their ability to be seen.
Whether it’s about drawing attention in a store, creating an inviting atmosphere in a restaurant, or making a public space more inviting.

Are adaptable
 You can customize your lightbox almost any way you want – in different lighting settings, materials, shapes and sizes. You can also place it basically anywhere – such as on walls, ceilings or as free-standing signs on poles or stands.

Are effective
The product captures attention in a way that static signs rarely can. For example, it can be important in cities or in areas with a lot of competition for customers’ attention. But a light box can also function as an effective interior detail, for example to create a luxurious and warm environment.

Are durable
Light boxes are usually made of durable  material such as aluminum. This makes them durable and stable. Therefore, it is a reliable marketing tool that can be used year after year with minimal maintenance. Another advantage that extends the service life is that they are easy to change messages in. You can easily change the message yourself without an external fitter.

Are energy efficient
With the increasing awareness of environmental issues and energy saving, energy-efficient LED lighting is used today. It reduces energy consumption and thus operating costs.

Did you know that…

…it’s high time to say goodbye to traditional fluorescent tubes, which are no longer allowed to be sold within the EU? These contain mercury and are not as efficient as LED alternatives. Zone Systems is happy to support you in the conversion and help you find the solutions that fit best. Our process is simple and tailored to meet your needs and optimize your investment.


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