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22 March, 2023

Welcome Göran, new Site and Production Manager

1 March Göran Greus started as Site and Production Manager at our production facility in Vadstena. Göran most recently comes from Finja Betong in Skåne, where he worked as Innovation and Quality Manager. Göran will be responsible for developing the entire production unit.

More about Göran is that he has a newfound interest in horses. It ‘s through his daughter that the interest has been lit and he has recently started taking riding lessons himself. Göran also has a great interest in music and used to play keyboard in a hard rock band when he was younger. These days, Göran mostly sit by his electric piano and play for relaxation. Göran lives in Varv, Östergötland with his family and looks forward to having more time for his family and more free time when the commuting time becomes shorter. Maybe we’ll see him pick up the hard rock band again?

Welcome Göran to us at Zone Systems, we are happy to have you in the team!

Let’s do 10 quick questions to get to know Göran a little bit better!

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee and preferably a double espresso.
  • What do you have on your pizza? A good tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and plenty of basil. A Neapolitan Margherita in other words.
  • Do you have any nerdiness? I can recite Hamlet’s entire monologue “To be or not to be…”
  • What are you looking at? Preferably documentaries and all kinds of food programs. Am also amused by everything where Hasse and Tage were involved.
  • What are you listening to? I’m a musical omnivore but most of what was produced in the 70s captures my interest. Besides, if you say Thorleifs or Rory Gallagher, we have found common ground.
  • Most used app? Spotify
  • What did you buy last time? A new starter battery for my little Fiat Barchetta.
  • Tell us something that not many people know about you? I read cookbooks before I go to sleep.
  • What is important for you to enjoy your job? That there is a team spirit where everyone feels clear about their role in the whole, an open dialogue without prestige and courage to change what is not working. That the atmosphere is familiar and inclusive with humor is important for us to dare to talk to each other in a straight, open and respectful way. Then there must be coffee!
  • What do you prefer to do on Sundays? Depends a bit on the time of year, but I’ll probably be woken up by the dog at 06.30. If it’s spring, summer or autumn, it’s guaranteed to be a picnic trip with the Barchettan along the small roads on the plain. Had the question applied to Saturdays, the Melodikrysset at 10:00 on swedish radio would have been a given answer. It is sacred!
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