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25 January, 2023

Zone converts all MAX Drive Thru’s to new textile frames

At the end of 2022, 116 MAX restaurants in 62 cities were visited for an extensive assembly project. The deadline for the project was as short as six weeks. The task was to replace all poster frames at the restaurants’ Drive Thru cabinets with aluminum frames with textile coverings.

In the past, MAX campaign messages were printed on back-lit images that were stuck in frames using snap profiles. That campaign material could melt from the heat in strong sunshine, and we saw an improvement opportunity by printing the campaign material on textile blankets, which are more resistant to high temperatures.

“I am very satisfied with Zone Systems as a party to this conversion project. Very professionally handled at every step. Everything from presentation of the solution, planning and pilot tests to the large rollout across Sweden from Ystad in the south to Haparanda in the north.” Says Mattias Bauer, Head of Maintenance, Max Burgers AB

To begin with, a sharp test was carried out to see if the textile would fare better. The test was carried out outdoors for five weeks in one of the MAX Drive Thru’ cabinets in Örebro. There it was ascertained that the textile rug passed the test very well compared to the back-lit images. The time after the completed test was spent with many hours on mapping and planning. As well as finding a common assembly technique for the different fits of the cabinets, before the actual conversion was carried out.

“Our assignment was simple in a way. As it was about replacing old poster frames with aluminum frames that would hold up a textile rug. That in itself is not a major difficulty and is something we are good at and have a lot of experience with. The challenge in this case was that the DT cabinets had several different dimensions, were in different models and that they were very numerous in number. Add to that that the cabinets were located all over the country and that we had a time limit of 6 weeks.” Tells Andreas Forsfjäll, Development Manager, Zone Systems

We are happy about the good dialogue we had with each restaurant and the customer. With mutual consideration for each other, we have been able to complete our assembly, while their daily Drive Thru operations were underway.

“Of course we felt humbled by the fact that the project is complex and extensive. We knew that we will encounter difficulties down the road despite all the planning. But we also trust our own process and how we solve unforeseen problems.” Continues Andreas.

The conversion to textile brooms has also had positive consequences. MAX’s original work with the campaigns has been simplified because there are now a few measures of all messages across the country.

“We are proud to be a supplier of both advertising signs and printing and hope that our customers will find that we make their lives easier when we offer this added value.” Olof Viklund, CEO, Zone Systems

A film clip was also distributed to all Max restaurants. A film where we show the employees assembling the fabric loom in the new aluminum frames. The film is in swedish.

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