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Ground stand with concrete base


A very stable sidewalk stand with a poster frame on both sides that with a total height of 250 cm can be seen in the distance. The heavy concrete foot provides good stability so the stand fits perfectly in windy, exposed outdoor environments. The images are held by a 50mm wide aluminum profile with a flat design.

Thanks to the adjustable foot, it works just as well on even surfaces such as parking lots and paved surfaces as on uneven grass surfaces.

Technical data

  • Image size 1040 x 1540 mm
  • Single / Double Sided Double Sided
  • Material 50 mm wide click ™ profiles of aluminum and stainless steel snap springs that hold the lid profiles in place. Stand of hot-dip galvanized steel, front plastic of axpet, back of aluminum sheet. Foot of concrete
  • Mounting On concrete foundation on adjustable bolts
  • Operation Open the snap files that hold the poster and plastic cover in place, lift out the plastic and change the poster. Then close the snap profiles so that the poster and plastic are firmly seated.
  • Poster recommendation Paper posters adapted for outdoor use (preferably edge laminated).
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