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Windstand 34, steel tube base


Windstand 34 is a real classic that helps you get your messages out and quickly change messages according to current needs. With its resilient construction, it is also suitable for windy, exposed outdoor environments. Profile width 34 mm. Double-sided, steel foot.

Technical data

  • Image size 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm
  • Weight 7,5 kg and 11 kg
  • Single / Double Sided Double Sided
  • Material Aluminum profiles, Apet plastic cover and styrene back plate. Powder coated steel tube base
  • Accessories Bolts to foot. Available with top plate as an accessory
  • Operation Open the snap files that hold the poster and plastic cover in place, lift out the plastic and change the poster. Then close the snap profiles so that the poster and plastic are firmly seated.
  • Poster recommendation Paper posters adapted for outdoor use (preferably edge laminated)
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