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Illuminated display case


Landscape or portrait Eurosize menu board that can hold a large image or several smaller ones. Lockable door with two gas dampers. Special key included. Side lit with LED. The door is equipped with a 5 mm thick UV-treated polycarbonate plastic or tempered glass.

Can be delivered with built-in spotlight and used as an information board with a door.

Technical data

  • Image size 1185 x 1750 mm
  • Weight Single-sided 129 kg / Double-sided 173 kg (incl. stand)
  • Material Aluminum light box, sheet metal plates, hot-dip galvanized stand
  • Illumination Boxled 84 Watt
  • Mounting Outdoor product. Mounted on cast ground on the ground with expander or chemical anchor.
  • Operation Unlock the door with the included special key and open it completely. Attach the image (s) using the snap profiles and then close the door.
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