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Menu board Stil


An appreciated menu system that has been used as standard by several fast food chains and gas stations. The double-sided reversible menu board have a fixed 40 mm wide profile at the top and on the sides and an openable profile at the bottom. The light box image and the protective plastic are pressed in under the openable profile when changing the image. Then the profile is closed.
Starter kit and ceiling / wall bracket are ordered separately as well as wall and ceiling beam.

Each menu box can be rotated separately back and forth 180 degrees

Technical data

  • Image size 100 x 50 cm
  • Weight 15,5 kg
  • Material Aluminum profiles, polycarbonate front plastic.
  • Mounting With ceiling track and ceiling brackets or with wall tracks and wall brackets. Minimum distance from wall 30 cm. for rotation to take place.
  • Type of lighting Side-mounted LED
  • Accessories Starter kit, ceiling bracket / ceiling track or wall brackets / wall tracks
  • Type of profile Insert
  • Operation Open the bottom profile and pull the front plastic out. Place the poster between the white opal diffuser and the front plastic. Slide the front plastic back under the profile. To rotate the menu box; by pulling the bottom edge of the menu box forward or pushing it backwards, the menu box can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Poster recommendation Images adapted for display in light box
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