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2 October, 2023

Challenges, Lessons, and Collaboration: Keys to Success

Read about our successful work with Circle K in Flädie, Sweden, and how our designer Carl collaborates with the rest of the team.

It is impossible not to highlight the central collaboration with our designer, procurement department, and our production workers. Together, they form a dynamic team that has proven to be a key to success in our projects. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Carl and the team tackled a specific design project at a Circle K station in Flädie, Skåne, and the benefits Carl’s work has brought to both the company and the customer.



The Emergence of the Design Project

Carl received the assignment in response to a request from the sales department. The customer was experiencing issues with their lightbox campaign messages blowing away, and they needed a cost-effective and more sustainable solution. Carl took on the task and began working with existing dimensions of the lightboxes as a basis. Here, collaboration with the procurement department and the production manager came into play in ensuring that the right components and materials were available.


The Concept Image Presented to the Customer. A sketch featuring the Half-gate, Speakerbox, and Menu board.


The Process Behind the Project

Carl created a detailed concept image that showcased the planned changes, and it was together with the production manager that this concept was transformed into a functional product. Cross-departmental collaboration was necessary to ensure a smooth transition from design to production.


Creating Custom Signage Solutions

Starting with one of our light cabinets as a foundation, Carl began making customizations to meet the customer’s preferences. Carl added poster frames with snap-in functionality to ensure that campaign materials would stay in place even in harsh weather. He made adjustments to the dimensions and replaced the previously top-hung door with a side-hinged variant. By extending the lighting upwards, he could use the same light source to illuminate both the campaign message and the logo at the top of the cabinet, resulting in a more cost-effective product. Collaboration with the procurement team was crucial in ensuring that the right materials and components were available in a timely manner.



Overview of some of Carl’s sketches.


Inspiration and Creativity

When it came to finding inspiration for the project, Carl benchmarked similar signage products on the market, and the procurement team played a crucial role in identifying the best suppliers for the necessary components. Together, they explored possibilities within the company’s own inventory and selected the most efficient and high-quality materials.


Sketch of the final product for Circle K.


Challenges as Lessons

Throughout the project, challenges arose that sometimes required quick and clever solutions. Collaboration between the procurement team and the production manager proved to be crucial in handling these situations. At times, components were missing from the inventory, and it was up to the procurement team to swiftly ensure that necessary materials were delivered. The production manager played a key role in the production of the signage solution. It is clear that the collaboration between Carl, the procurement team, and the production manager became the heart of the project for Circle K.


By combining technical expertise, creativity, and a strong sense of efficient resource utilization, this trio has successfully overcome challenges and created custom signage solutions that not only meet the customer’s needs but are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With this functioning collaboration at our core, we are ready to tackle future projects with enthusiasm and confidence.


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