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Vägg med foton i svarta ramar.

Poster frames suit you who want a solution indoors or outdoors with great opportunities for variety of messages in areas with many passers-by, and with the right quality adapted to the environment. It is a cost-effective alternative with high flexibility. With our experience of solutions for different types of store environments and solutions for traffic and vehicles, as well as our selection of sign frames, snap frames, magnetic frames and plastic frames in different profile models, we almost dare to guarantee that we have a product for you. At the same time, we can custom manufacture poster frames in our own factory based on your needs.

Simple plastic frames for shop environments or robust frames with a safety profile that requires a special tool to open. Traffic frames mounted on buses and trucks or special solutions for mounting on concave / convex surfaces. Or more traditional frames in suitable materials and technology and the design desired. For indoor or outdoor use. Our range includes a framework for most needs

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