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Fixed signs

Skylt på fasad bestående av fristående bokstäver.

Maximizing Your Brand Exposure with High-Quality Fixed Signage Solutions

Evolution has made our brains lightning-fast at determining whether something is valuable to us or not. So when the first impression is so decisive, what should you consider when choosing fixed signage? Fixed signage refers to signs that do not have interchangeable messages.

The main purpose of fixed signage is to guide and inform, so to succeed with your signage program, you should first set a goal for it. We offer a wide range of fixed signage solutions, including façade signs, flag signs, pylon signs, neon signs, and information signs, just to name a few.

If your sign has a highly visible location, it will represent an important exposure of your brand and therefore be worth some extra thought and care. You should have a clear idea of how you want your brand to be perceived and then choose the right quality in design, choice of signage solutions, and how they function in the overall picture.

Your fixed signage also plays a crucial role in communicating and creating recognition for your company’s brand and identity. Remember that it is not just aesthetics that count. Aspects such as durability and safety can also affect the impression. The result of design and quality also contributes to building trust and predictability.

A well-thought-out and strategic placement is crucial, and according to surveys, a visitor in a store, for example, spends only a few seconds fixing their gaze on signs. And for outdoor signage, there are plenty of other things competing for the visitor’s attention, such as navigating by car.

We have the right knowledge to help you increase foot traffic to and inside your store or restaurant along the way, on the shopping street, in the mall, or on the shopping plaza.

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