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Below you will find examples of questions we sometimes receive and our answers to them. If you do not find the answer to your specific question, you are always welcome to call or write to us.

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  • How long is the warranty period for your products?

    Zone Systems provides a 2-year functional guarantee against manufacturing defects unless otherwise stated. However, external mechanical damage is not covered by the warranty. We provide a 5-year guarantee on several of our fixed signs.

  • What measure applies to your printed signs / messages?

    The official measure printed on our message carriers is the outer image measure (ex 50 × 70). This means that the visible image size is slightly smaller because, for example, a snap profile covers part of the message. When producing a print-ready original, use the outer image size that is the same as the sheet size.

  • Is a permit always required when you want to install a new sign?

    There are different rules depending on which municipality you operate in. In general, you can say that if you install a new sign in the same format as an existing sign, no sign permit is required. Contact your municipality to know what applies to you or hire us and we will help you with that process.

  • What format should the originals that you print / print be?

    Preferably vectorized originals in high-resolution PDF in scale 1: 1.

  • What format should the originals for the logo be for you to be able to give a visually correct and functionally possible proposal for a fixed sign (eg facade sign in one of our profiles)?

    Preferably vectorized originals in file format svg or eps.

  • Do your products contain PVC?

    We have high ambitions as a company and sustainability is a guiding light. We offer our customers PVC-free alternatives. For example, our plastic covers are completely PVC-free.

  • Do you have a sign that is adapted for people with visual impairment?

    Yes, we have tactile signs in our offer. In addition, we produce and sell a curb sign (Gatupratare City) that is approved by the National Association of the Visually Impaired.

  • Do you offer LED in your products?

    All our illuminated sign products are equipped with LED, which is good for the environment and contributes to low operating costs. Let us help you with a savings calculation.

  • Do you have Swedish-made products?

    We have our own production in Vadstena where we manufacture a large part of our product assortment, which makes us a flexible, sustainable and performance-efficient choice.