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3-parted Billboard freestanding


Big billboard where three separate corrugated cardboard pictures are combined together into a single large picture. The image size in combination with the board having a height of about 4500 mm means that the readability at longer distances and in environments with fast traffic is very good.
As an accessory, there is our lighting fixture with LED with very good light scattering, which increases visibility significantly.


Technical data

  • Image size 4179 x 2938 mm (3 pieces 1389 x 2938 mm)
  • Weight About 400 kg
  • Single / Double sided Single sided
  • Material Poles and stands made of steel and the cassettes of aluminum
  • Illumination LED ramp is available as an accessory
  • Operation The three separate images are pushed into the cassette from below and snapped
  • Poster recommendation Images printed on corrugated cardboard
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