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Reversible menu system


The menu box has been developed for several years and is a flat, double-sided menu system with LED lighting. The unique design makes it easy to rotate the menu sign when the restaurant wants to change its menu during the day. The pictures are under a magnetic front plastic fitted with a passport. The plastic is taped in the menu box in the upper part and with magnets in the lower part of the menu box. Only the magnetized part needs to be opened, we change the image.

Can be mounted built into a wall or mounted surface-mounted.

Technical data

  • Image size 55,5 x 115 cm
  • Weight about 20 kg
  • Single / Double Sided Double-sided reversible
  • Material Steel, aluminum, polyethylene, Axpet, acrylic
  • Mounting Mounted on the wall
  • Type of lighting 36 W
  • Accessories Wall beam, side plates
  • Operation Put your fingers in the groove in the lower corner of the frame and lift out the plastic at the bottom. Slide the insert/poster up and close the plastic
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