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15 February, 2022

Zone delivers the whole to a sustainable fast food concept

Hawaii Poké was the first restaurant in Scandinavia to offer Poké. Poké is a spicy raw fish dish that comes from Hawaii. It has its influence from Japan and is best described as Sushi salad. To several of this fall’s newly established Hawaii Poké restaurants, Zone Systems has delivered services and products in terms of signage. Delivery has consisted of, among other things, handling of sign permits, facade signs, foiling and assembly assignments. Hawaii Poké currently has 27 established restaurants in Sweden.

–  When Zone contacted us, they felt like a serious player and they showed great personal commitment. They have been very solution-oriented and fast-footed and have handled the sign projects for us in a very satisfactory way, says Aaron Colman at Hawaii Poké.

Zone has, among other things, project-led sign deliveries to most of Hawaii Poké’s establishments. When it comes to outdoor signs, everything is usually required sign permission from the municipality. Sign permit can take up to 10 weeks to be granted and it is time that the customer (Zone’s customer) does not always have time to wait.

– In one of the projects with Hawaii Poké, we have had to develop and install temporary sign solutions while waiting for an approved sign permit from the municipality. At Zone, we see opportunities and try to do what we can to help our customer in the best way, says Eddie Andersson, Key Account Manager and project manager at Zone Systems.

For all restaurants, Zone also produces specially designed street speakers in Hawaii Poké’s pink color. They are manufactured in Zone’s own production in Vadstena and then become an important complement to Hawaii Poke’s marketing

– It is very nice that we also get to be involved and help Hawaii Poké with design proposals and not just sign delivery. Now we continue to travel together, Eddie Andersson concludes.


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